hate the design
love the service
Welcome to my reimagination
Here are a few current screens
Can anyone say “text links”
The reimagination begins here
Define the needs of the intended audience     Buy merchandise, Sell merchandise, Find a job,     Fill a job position, Find community services,     Find general services, Advertise general services,     Meet people
Investigate the 4 digital affordances:    Spatial - Physical and virtual locations.    Procedural - Actions users wish to accomplish.    Encyclopedic - Information and hyperlinks.    Participitory - How do users interact?
The current 4 digital affordances
My proposed 4 digital affordances
Thumbnail sketches
Highlights - New home page
Added spatial affordance – a geographic map instead of a list of links
Revised Information Architecture –created a vertical IA using the nine main categories
Highlights - New city page
Highlights - New classified page
Added spatial and participatory affordances –geographic location of post, ability to chat, and share on social media
Highlights - Introducing Craigslist Live
Created new dating interface –virtual dating scenes, chat capabilities, geolocation services
Highlights - Craigslist Live mobile app
Concepts for mobile app functions –see profiles at singles events, send messages to break the ice